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Sr. Software Engineer, Windows OS InternalsSan Diego, California, United States

Sr. Software Engineer, Windows OS Internals

San Diego | California | United States

You are an elite Windows OS internals engineer with strong expertise on low level Windows OS programming. You are highly experienced with working with low level structures and interfaces within Windows and you seek an opportunity with a company that is willing to help you add malware/security and machine learning to your repertoire. At Webroot, we are seeking to empower a Windows engineer with ability to influence the technical direction of our products, building the future of Webroot's technology stacks, working in a small team with the ability to substantially influence technical direction and operate without micromanagement. This role will be focused on addressing currently unsolved challenges in the security industry. Familiarity working in undocumented or semi-documented areas of the operating system will be crucial, requiring a "hacker" mentality to tackle problems creatively. If you want to leverage your expertise with Windows operating systems to expand your knowledge in the malware and/or machine learning fields apply today.

You bring to the table:

Desire to work in a dynamic field, facing and solving problems which regularly have no currently known solution within the industry

Proficiency in C and C++ on Windows

Minifilter driver development

Experience working with system instrumentation via callbacks, hooks, or hypervisors

Extensive knowledge of the Windows API, particularly the lower level Nt APIs.

Familiarity with the underlying structures of the registry and NTFS/FAT file systems

x86/x64 Assembly experience/knowledge a plus

Background in malware analysis and reverse engineering using IDA, HIEW, OllyDbg, or Windbg is a plus but not required.

Familiarity with Wireshark, Fiddler, or other Network Sniffing tools is a plus but not required

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