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SQL Server Database DeveloperUnited States

SQL Server Database Developer

United States

Are you a skilled database professional with passion for development seeking to take your career to the next level? If so, the SQL Server Developer role at Webroot could be the perfect opportunity for you. In this role, you will serve in a high-profile position delivering enterprise level SQL Server database solutions tightly integrated with high-level programming languages. The successful candidate will have extensive experience developing/analyzing database schemas, designing, coding T-SQL objects, and creating database optimizations where applicable. The ability to quickly translate business requirements into effective database solutions will be critical to your success. You will have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of solutions that employ leading-edge technologies, design and develop database schemas but also to optimize database performance while identifying and proposing areas of improvement. Your ability to set and achieve goals and great interpersonal and communication skills are essential.This is an excellent step to be called upon to make highly valuable contributions as a member of our growing team. Take the step and join us today! As a SQL Server Developer at Webroot, working in our Broomfield, CO offices, you will put your experience and ideas into action to design and implement data tier solutions of an enterprise level application. You will utilize your extensive experience developing database schemas, designing, coding and debugging stored procedures, user defined functions,views and performing database optimizations.If you are a goal-oriented database professional who embodies flexibility, enthusiasm and excellent communication skills, then take the next step and join us today! RESPONSIBILITIES Strong data analytic skills; Ability to troubleshoot data questions/discrepancies Design/analyze database schemas and optimize database design Strong T-SQL script creation, used in ad-hoc analysis and object creation Design, develop, and test database objects(tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, functions, constraints) Ability to understand complex business processes and applications which read/write to various databases Create code that meets design specifications, follows standards, easy to maintain Capable of identifying and proposing areas of improvement throughout the software development process Uses source control for the appropriate data objects. Work with other developers/business owners to achieve defined goals REQUIRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE 4+ years experience designing and implementing database objects using best practices within Microsoft SQL Server Experience in eCommerce transactional SQL Server development Knowledge of proper database normalization, indexing, transaction protection, and locking is essential Develop tables, views, stored procedures, indexes, functions, and constraints Strong knowledge and experience using Transact-SQL including writing complex queries for ad-hoc requests and data analysis HIGHLY DESIREABLE SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE Experience with high transaction volumes and scalable database models Proficient knowledge of data modeling concepts and formalized database design including creating tables, indexes, and enforcing data integrity Experience working on a commercial Enterprise-level product with a database back-end is a strong plus exposure to NoSQL databases e.g. DynamoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Mongo would be great but are not essential

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