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Senior Software Engineer - Full Text SearchMountain View, California, United States

Senior Software Engineer - Full Text Search

Mountain View | California | United States

If you like distributed databases and information retrieval, then you'll like this! As a Senior Software Engineer in our full-text indexing team, your job will be to design and implement cutting-edge distributed, scale-out data and indexing infrastructure software systems. You will be part of a team working on challenging problems, including distributed information retrieval caching, distributed key-value and document data stores, data replication & conflict resolution, scale-out fault tolerance and data-layer reliability. You'll work with Golang, JavaScript and possibly a few other languages thrown in for good measure. Don't forget JSON, too. You will probably bring Unix systems and server tech kung-fu to the team.

Like open source? So do we: Couchbase and its engineers are active open source contributors for bleve, Couchbase server, memcached, and other projects

We are also looking at below skills.

(a) Familiarity with Full Text Search is a plus

(b) Familiarity with Golang is a plus


Create the world's best distributed information retrieval server software which companies will rely on for mission-critical OLTP needs
Discuss and debate with your peers as you help figure out product requirements and the architectural approach to getting things built
Design and implement needle-mover features with simplicity, elegance and economy
Research industry and academic leading-edge search and indexing algorithms for IR analysis, tokenization, scoring and relevance
Think quality; think leverage. Develop high-quality software and use unit, component, and end-to-end CI automation tests and performance benchmarks so we know we have high-quality software

You're a self-motivated, independent, and high-performance person. You learn quickly and you enjoy worthy challenges
You're particular about your toolset, because you have it set up just how you like it and when you're at your best you're insanely productive
You have 4+ years of commercial or open source software experience (prefer experience with packaged, downloadable software)
You can hack in C, C++ but you also like the intoxicating power of working in higher-level languages like Go.
You think distributed systems problems are cool
You're a good communicator and an excellent team mate, including working with remote colleagues
You like working in organizations that strive to have a good balance between doing it right and moving quickly

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