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Senior Performance EngineerUnited States

Senior Performance Engineer

United States

Central to our mission is a highly programmable chip with workload specific hardware accelerators for compute, networking and storage workloads. Your role will be to define metrics that are interesting / salient for our system, implement software that gathers actual numbers for these metrics, profile scale out applications for performance bottleneck and analyze results.
Skills, Education, and Experience Required
  • BS/MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree with 10+ years of software development
  • Understanding of CPU architecture, system architecture and scale-out cluster architecture
  • Strong algorithmic and data structure background
  • Architectural sense: performance vs. storage tradeoffs, etc
  • Adept in C or C++ programming
  • Desire to push the state of the art
  • Self-motivated, independent and proactive
Additional Success Factors
  • Experience with defining benchmarks at sub-system level and for complete system
  • Experience with networking and/or storage stack
  • Fast development speed
  • Startup experience
Linux, embedded, networking stack, storage stack, security, Layer 4-7 services, EEMBC, Spec benchmarks

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