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Product Lead, Blades & Everyday CarryUnited States

Product Lead, Blades & Everyday Carry

United States

We are searching for a Product Lead to help expand our Massdrop Made collaborations program for the Blades & Everyday Carry communities. In this role, you will organize collaborations with enthusiast designers and top-tier manufacturers, and help to develop new products.

Our members are dedicated experts in their categories and are influential in the way we conduct business. In order to develop "enthusiast-grade" products for our community, we partner with people and companies our members respect, and who are as passionate as we are about making products our members will appreciate.

This role reports to the Product Manager. You will be solely responsible for parts of every project, and supporting the Product Manager in all aspects of each project as well as the general functions that apply to most or all products. 75% execution; 25% strategy

This is a great opportunity to learn skills with potential to become a Product Manager if you excel as a Product Lead.

Here's what you'll do as part of the team:

Support the Product Manager's work by helping him/her to...

  • Formulate and execute the long-term merchandising strategy and product assortment

  • Identify and pursue potential projects, develop partnerships, and conduct negotiations

  • Forecast revenues and execute our aggressive strategy to meet financial goals

  • Plan and manage prototyping and production schedules

  • Launch, manage, and review all product campaigns from concept to delivery

  • Monitor and manage discussions that take place on the Massdrop platform

  • Monitor and report on emerging trends on social media and third-party platforms

  • Research and analyze market trends; understand the competitive landscape

  • Plan travel and schedule meetings for trade shows, which you may also attend

  • Coordinate with our internal teams on each project:

    • Creative, to develop all marketing assets including copy, photos, videos, etc.

    • Marketing, to promote new products in the relevant community

    • Logistics, to ensure timely manufacturing / delivery of samples and products

    • Support, to ensure that any member issues are resolved appropriately

  • Coordinate with external partners on each project:

    • Designers, to make sure we develop and manufacture to their specifications

    • Manufacturers, to support the prototyping and manufacturing processes

    • Community members, to gather feedback at every stage of the product lifecycle

This role offers opportunities to...

  • Learn business development, launch marketing, and contract manufacturing

  • Interact with industry-leading designers and manufacturers

  • Contribute to the model of community-driven commerce

Here is what you'll need to bring to the role to be successful:

  • 3-5 years in account management, product design, manufacturing, business development, or a related field - tell us why your experience and skills are transferable

  • Excellent organizational skills to keep track of project details and timelines

  • Data-driven and proficient in Excel / Sheets, basic understanding of business finance

  • Creative problem solver who wants to help optimize processes for efficiency

  • Able to juggle multiple projects at different stages of development simultaneously

  • Highly organized, with a passion for optimizing systems and processes

  • Positive attitude and a willingness to roll up your sleeves to help out wherever necessary

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred, and bonus points for the following skills

    • Fluent in Mandarin

    • Experience with CAD, SolidWorks, Illustrator

    • BA or BS in a related field

Who We Are:

Massdrop puts community first. We create high-quality, custom gear, apparel, and products inspired and designed by our online communities. We provide over 5 million members a place to connect, discuss, buy products together, and learn about the things that are important to them.

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