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A Decade-Long Union with

A Decade-Long Union with Illustrates our Belief that Company Building is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

We first met Murugavel Janakiraman founder and CEO of in Chennai in 2007. He had a big vision to leverage mobile and online channels to bring exponential orders of efficiency to the problem of matchmaking for Indians globally. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund Human Rights Council, ABC News, as of 2016, 88.40% of marriages in India are arranged, with approximately 107 million unmarried individuals in India within the marriageable age bracket. With the public offering of, the market has recognized Murugavel and his team for building the leading online matrimony network and helping millions of consumers realize their dream of finding the perfect partner. is an early example of the Mayfield belief in network effects businesses. Network effects is defined as a phenomenon whereby a product or service gains additional value as more people use it. It has driven the growth of many technology companies starting with Microsoft in the 70s through current leaders such as Google, Facebook, and Slack. Current Mayfield companies who are leveraging this model include Lyft, the premier ride-sharing company, Poshmark, the largest social fashion ecommerce marketplace, and Alignable, the largest online small business network.

Some milestones include:

  • Being recognized as the leading provider of online matchmaking services in India by comScore (as measured by the average number of website pages viewed by unique visitors in June 2017) & by their database of over 3 million active profiles;
  • Delivering a delightful user experience to Indians globally through websites, mobile sites and mobile apps complemented by an on-the-ground network in India;
  • Delivering an award-winning mobile app which has been recognized as the best app in the social category at the Global Mobile App Summit and Awards;
  • Establishing the core brand of, as India’s most trusted online matrimony brand (according to The Brand Trust Report India Study);
  • Building micro sites for linguistic, religious, caste and community preferences, and personalized offerings such as EliteMatrimony and an Assisted Service package, with powerful network effects;
  • Constantly innovating into new marriage services areas beyond matchmaking, with the launch of,, and

However, this has been more than a labor of love — demanding focus, patience and perseverance from the team. We are honored to be their partner and wish them well for the next phase of their journey.

Originally published at on December 1, 2017.

A Decade-Long Union with was originally published in Mayfield Viewpoints on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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Published on Dec 1, 2017

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