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Request a Lyft Ride With Google Assistant

We’re thrilled to announce a new way to easily call a Lyft ride. Starting today, you can request a Lyft ride using Google Assistant.

What’s Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant is a virtual, voice assistant that can help you with over a million tasks like playing your favorite music, sending your friend a text, setting a reminder to do laundry tonight, or dimming your living room lights. You can run your Google Assistant through Google Home or any smart speaker, as well as your Android or iPhone.

Use Your Voice

Now, with your Google Assistant, you can request a Lyft ride by saying, “Hey, Google, get me a Lyft ride to Bluebird Cafe.” or “Hey, Google, get me a Lyft ride to Denver International Airport.”

The Lyft app will automatically open in your phone so you can confirm the booking. If you don’t have the Lyft app installed, your phone will take you to Google Play or the App Store instead. The feature will initially be available in English, and Google plans to expand to more languages in the coming months.

Where will your voice take you?

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Published on Oct 5, 2018

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