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New Jersey: Your 2017 Lyftie Award Winners

New Jersey, ever wonder where everyone is eating, or where to find the hottest happy hour? Lyft has collected passenger drop-off data from across the country to give you the most popular destinations of 2017. Check out the list of Lyftie Award winners from your city, and enjoy special Lyft-exclusive deals.

Most Visited Restaurant: Porta

Craving NY-style pizza? No need to head into New York City when Porta is just around the corner. Fun fact: Porta was first opened in Asbury Park — the former blue collar, run-down boardwalk town that gave Bruce Springsteen his start.

Most Visited Bar: 1 Repubilk

1 Republik is known for great music and even better drinks and happy hour. It’s the number one bar for hanging out with friends.

Most Visited Event Space: Pier 13 Hoboken

Pier 13 is a beer garden that extends out into the Hudson River, and it has one of the most breathtaking views of New York City’s skyline. With food, drinks and activities for all ages, it’s no surprise that Pier 13 is this year’s most visited event space.

Most Visited University: Rutgers University

From Rutgers Rally Mode to tabling at The Yard on campus, Rutgers students clearly know they can count on Lyft to get them to class on time.

Only In… : Jersey Gardens Mall

Jersey Gardens Mall makes everyone happy because there is something for everyone. With a delicious food court and steals in almost every store, it’s a great place for the family (especially on a cold or rainy afternoon).

Trending Destination: Texas Arizona

If you’re coming off of the PATH in Hoboken, Texas Arizona will stare you in the face. You’ll be drawn in by the smell of the famous large pretzels and large plasma screen TV’s playing your favorite game.  No wonder they’ve been named our top Trending Destination for 2017!

Haven’t had a chance to check out these locations? Use code NJWIN for 25% off a ride to any of these winning locations.


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Published on Dec 6, 2017

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