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Free Lyft Rides For March For Our Lives Attendees

Thank you for marching with the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Lyft is proud to support their efforts with free rides to 50 marches around the country.  Below are promo codes enabling these free rides, information about how to use them, and important terms and conditions. Please note that the ride code entitles you to one free ride up to $15. You will be responsible for covering any cost of the ride above that amount.

How to use the code and important reminders:

  • Download the Lyft app here if you haven’t already.

  • Enter the relevant code below in the ‘promos’ tab of your Lyft app.

  • For the code to work, you must enter the official March For Our Lives rallypoint as your destination. You’ll find rallypoint details in the ‘promos’ tab once you’ve entered the code.

  • Free rides are good up to $15.

  • Anyone riding who is under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult.

  • We are able to support rides up to $1.5 million nationwide, so claim your code as soon as possible.

Promo codes:

Phoenix, AZ: MFOLPHX


Los Angeles, CA: MFOLLA

San Francisco, CA: MFOLSF

San Diego, CA: MFOLSD

San Jose, CA: MFOLSJ

Oakland, CA: MFOLOAK

Sacramento, CA: MFOLSAC


Hartford, CT: MFOLHART

Washington, DC: MFOLDC


Orlando, FL: MFOLORL

Miami Beach, FL: MFOLMIA


Jacksonville, FL: MFOLJAX

Atlanta, GA: MFOLATL

Honolulu, HI: MFOLHONO

Des Moines, IA: MFOLDES

Chicago, IL: MFOLCHI

Indianapolis, IN: MFOLINDY

Louisville, KY: MFOLLOUIS

New Orleans, LA: MFOLNOLA


Portland, ME: MFOLPORT

Detroit, MI: MFOLDET

St. Louis, MO: MFOLSTL

Charlotte, NC: MFOLCLT

Raleigh, NC: MFOLRAL


Las Vegas, NV: MFOLLV

New York City (Manhattan), NY: MFOLNYC

Columbus, OH: MFOLCOL

Cincinnati, OH: MFOLCIN

Cleveland, OH: MFOLCLE

Portland, OR: MFOLPDX

Philadelphia, PA: MFOLPHI

Pittsburgh, PA: MFOLPITT

Providence, RI: MFOLPVD

Charleston, SC: MFOLCHARL

Nashville, TN: MFOLNASH

Memphis, TN: MFOLMEM


Houston, TX: MFOLHOU


San Antonio, TX: MFOLSAT

Salt Lake City, UT: MFOLSLC

Richmond, VA: MFOLRICH

Seattle, WA: MFOLSEA

Milwaukee, WI: MFOLMKE

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Published on Mar 23, 2018

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