Network Management and Orchestration Plane Lead at Fungible
Santa Clara, CA, US
Central to our mission is a highly programmable chip. Your role will be to provide a vision for the Network Management and Orchestration Plane for a modern Data Center deployment, to define the architecture of the system and to implement it with others on the team.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
5+ years experience in Network Management and Orchestration Plane software and infrastructure
Experience designing and implementing the Management and Orchestration Plane in an existing large scale distributed system
Hands on experience in UI, network configuration, SNMP, AAA, PAM, TACACS+, show commands
Ability to write correct C and C++ code fast
Architectural sense
Leadership skills
Self motivated, independent and proactive
Additional Success Factors
Experience with OpenStack, VMware vSphere and Kubernetes
Experience in database schema design and implementation
Distributed database experience
Experience in REST, GRPC, Thrift, JSON, XML, OpenStack plugins
Network visibility and debugging
Network management automation
Startup experience
Contrail, OpenContrail, OpenDaylight, ONOS, Big Switch, Cisco ACL, VMware vSphere, Linux, IPC, OpenStack, network virtualization, MongoDB, NoSQL, Casandra, JSON, GRPC, Thrift, XML, Python, OpenConfig, Yang, NETCONF, authentication, telemetry, SDN, SNMP, DHCP, Swagger, Nginx, lighttp