Senior Engineer/Architect, Regex Compiler at Fungible
Santa Clara, CA, US
Central to our mission is a highly programmable chip with workload specific hardware accelerators, specifically, a Regular Expression Processing Engine (Regex). Your role will be to implement software related to RegEx engine, e.g. software compiler to convert regular expression patterns into custom finite state automaton.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree with 10+ years of software development
Experience with RegEx or Parser technology
Strong algorithmic and data structure background
Architectural sense: performance vs. storage tradeoffs, etc
Adept in C or C++ programming
Desire to push the state of the art
Self-motivated, independent and proactive
Additional Success Factors
Experience with Embedded OS/Linux environment
Experience with security functions related to deep packet inspection (IDS/IPS, AV, malware detection, etc.), protobufs, JSON
Experience with networking or storage stack
Fast development speed
Startup experience
Linux, embedded, networking stack, storage stack, security, DPI, Deep Packet Inspection, DFA, NFA, Regular Expression, PCRE, POSIX, parser, protobufs, JSON