Software Integration Engineer at Fungible
Santa Clara, CA, US
Software integration is an essential component of building a data center solution. Your role will be to integrate and validate various software components into solution stacks as well as to run performance benchmarks.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
BS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
Experience in integrating and testing software components
Ability to program in multiple languages (Python, C, C++, Go ,etc)
Good understanding of Storage and Networking components and APIs
Familiarity with Linux, VMs and Containers
Passion for developing prototypes and demos
Self motivated, independent and proactive
Additional Success Factors
Great communication and organizational skill to communicate and collaborate with other team members
Experience with integrating open source and 3rd party software
Experience with running performance benchmarks
Startup experience
Linux, KVM, Docker, OpenStack, NVME, TCP, Ceph, Redis, MongoDB, NoSQL, Casandra, JSON, GRPC, Thrift, XML, Python