ASICd Software Engineer at Fungible
Santa Clara, CA, US
Central to our mission is a highly programmable chip. Your role will be to design and implement a SDK to map network features, manage resources, and program the chip.

Skills, Education, and Experience Required
MS in Computer Science or equivalent degree
4+ years experience developing an SDK to program the hardware
Experience in programming latest generation of data center switch chips, ideally for large multi-stage CLOS networks
Experience with hardware resource allocation and management (hash tables, TCAMs, ACLs and ARP/MAC/FIB-nexthop tables)
Experience in troubleshooting large-scale deployments
Ability to write correct C or C++ code quickly
Architectural sense
Self motivated, independent, and proactive
Additional Success Factors
Experience with the Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI)
Experience with L3-FIB and L2-MAC table programming
Experience in developing features such as ACL, QoS, and SPAN
SDK, hash table and TCAM resource management/optimization, L3-FIB, L2-MAC, ACL, QoS, SPAN, Flow-Span, Stats Manager, SAI